About PSEL

Welcome to Production Systems Engineering Laboratory (PSEL) in the department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Chungnam National University

We studies problems related to the production of complex ocean system. The goal of our research is to provide interdisciplinary insight into complex production system problems by integrating CAD, shape modeling methodology, structural mechanics, multi-physical simulation and operations research methods within the framework of optimization technique.

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Dimensional Engineering for Ship Block Production

In shipbuilding industry, the primary joining method is heat-flux welding, which inherently causes distortion and accounts for most of the major geometrical variation in intermediate products. Such variations are accumulated throughout multiple assembly steps and can deteriorate the dimensional quality of ship blocks, even the overall productivity in shipyards. We develop a smart shipbuilding dimensional quality management solution to improve the productivity of the shipyard. The system consists of welding deformation prediction, geometric variation propagation simulation, as well as the direct connection to CAD system. Collaborators: KAIST, Infoget, and HHI

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