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Hyun Chung, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Chungnam National University


Prof. Hyun Chung holds the current position of Associate Professor at Chungnam National University. He is responsible for Production Systems Engineering Laboratory in the department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, and has worked in the field of ship production systems engineering, especially for welding process simulation, compliant assembly system, as well as the simulation/artificial intelligence-based tools for decision making in shipbuilding industry. He is a member of SNAK (Society of Naval Architects of Korea), SNAME (Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineers), KSWJ (Korean Welding and Joining Society), and CDE (Society for Compuational Design and Engineering).

DooYoung Jung

MS Student

Call: +82 10 2566 8846

Email: jewdsa813@naver.com

Woo Hyuk Jeong

MS Student

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Sang Min Lee

Senior Student

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Researcher who were

Adeel Ikram, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Researcher

Call: +82 42 821 7761

Email: adeelikram86@yahoo.com

Kyudong Park


Call: +82 42 821 7761

Email: glglvhl@naver.com

Hansol Lee


Call: +82 42 821 7761

Email: hansol8332@naver.com

Afsah Latif


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Email: latifafsa@gmail.com

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